Why you need to clean your organic cotton bags to prevent the chance of illness

Proper hygiene is more important now than ever and thankfully many more people are now observing good handwashing and other positive hygiene habits. However, cleaning the obvious areas is only part of the challenge when it comes to eliminating the presence of germs. Bacteria can hide anywhere, and a lot of it has an attraction to organic cotton bags.

The popular environmentally friendly bagging option has come under attack due to potential hygiene shortcomings. But do not let the bad press put you off. Sure, if you let an organic cotton bag go months without a clean, it will become dirty (like just about anything); but if you take some small steps to keep yours clean, it could serve you and the environment well for years to come.

Why exactly to organic cotton bags pick up bacteria over time?

Whilst organic cotton bags are very clean when you first start using, the repeated use can wear them down over time. This is due to a variety of factors that include exposure to the elements, moisture and the repeated exposure to different food items. This in many cases cannot be avoided, and if you do not clean your organic cotton bag it will soon become rife with bacteria. This occurs partly because of the porous nature of cotton, allowing more bacteria to be trapped through the day to day activities.

In defence of organic cotton bags

Whilst organic cotton bags can become dirty over time, adopting a few simple preventative steps will help keep you and your family safe and healthy. Here are some of the different steps to take:

  • Wash the bags in a washing machine periodically
  • Make sure raw meat is properly contained within the bag
  • If you spill anything on the cotton, clean it immediately
  • Store your organic cotton bags in a cool dry place

If you follow these steps, you will not only have a clean bag, but a useful one. Research suggests that organic cotton bags are good for carrying a variety of different items due to their strength and flexibility. Organic cotton is a natural material that will biodegrade over time and is far less likely to end up polluting oceans when they are no longer in use.

The high reusability also means that can last years and save you a lot of money on single-use plastic bags over time. It is estimated that 100 billion plastic bags are consumed every year, and that’s just in the US!

Find organic cotton bags that are easy to clean

As shown, you should not let certain articles put you off picking up an organic cotton bag for your shopping. With the small cleaning steps shown above, you will be able to keep it fresh and sanitised.

To maximise the cleanliness and usable life of your organic cotton bag, make sure you buy one with a high thread-count constructed robustly and responsibly. This is a good rule to follow whether you are a consumer or a business seeking organic cotton bags for your retail stores.