Why Eco Mailing Bags are better for the environment

Everyone uses paper mailing bags, for individual mailing, or your business could be sending out items to clients on a day to day basis. Since a lot more businesses are thinking about sustainability and their carbon footprint, one positive step is for businesses to start using eco mailing bags that are better for the environment. This is due to the fact eco mailing bags are non-plastic, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and can be recycled easier than other types of eco mailing bags. Their increased durability can result in a higher chance they can be reused for a secondary purpose also.

Not only this, but with many businesses moving to e-commerce over brick-in-mortar stores, this will only mean plastic pollution will increase due to a higher level of sendouts, if action is not taken.

Therefore, it’s important that the use of these bags are increased to help sustainability as a whole, in particular tackling plastic pollution. As a quick overview, eco mailing bags are 100% sustainable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, which will have a significant effect on our landfills across the world if more users turn to this form of bag. They also look cool too, due to the range of materials eco mailing bags are available in.

What are the alternatives to Eco Mailing Bags?

A lot of the alternatives to eco mailing bags are not as sustainability friendly, such as polythene mailing bags. These bags are made from plastic, meaning they take a lot longer to decompose when left in a landfill, with toxic particles being released as they ‘attempt’ to rot.

This is even more likely since mailing bags are often used as a one time use, meaning it’s more likely to be thrown away and end up in a landfill. When thinking about a business, they could be mailing out hundreds of packages a day, which will result in so much plastic landfill waste per week. Imagine how much this will equal for a year’s worth? Or 10 years worth?

The primary use of the bag doesn’t change; it’s the material. Even on paper, it’s clear how much of an impact using eco mailing bags can have on the environment. This is why it’s important that consumers can take action by purchasing eco mailing bags, for their personal or commercial use.