What Gear Do You Need for Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a fun recreational hobby, and it shares a lot with traditional surfing. For some, getting into windsurfing is as simple as grabbing a board and getting on the water, but we seriously hope you’ll put a little more into it than that. Without the right gear, you can sour your experience or even end up hurting yourself.

To help you understand what all you really need to stay safe and comfortable on the water, here’s a list of the top windsurfing gear.


Windsurfing isn’t a leisure activity. You will get tossed around at high speeds at some point. This is a sport that sees you soaring over the water and carving massive waves; eventually, you will get slammed, and you will get slammed hard.

Make sure you buy a proper windsurfing helmet. If you get hit too hard, or you hit an unseen hazard, you can get knocked out. That’s not what you want to happen when you’re floating around in the ocean.


If you’re just swimming along the beach on a hot day, the water can feel pretty comfortable. However, the further you go out from the shore, the colder the ocean gets.

When you’re windsurfing, you’ll get far away from the shore just by chasing the waves, and you will get into cold water. The water is cold enough to cause serious problems for you, and unfortunately, that can result in your death.

For starters, the cold can start to affect your movements. That can lead to accidents happening much more easily. Then, you have to worry about hypothermia.

A wetsuit will help keep the majority of your body warm and dry even in colder water. So, it’s highly recommended to get one if you are serious about windsurfing.


It’s tempting to go barefoot when you’re in the ocean, but you have to think about what you’re really doing when you’re windsurfing. You are balancing on a slick board as it speeds across rough waves. You can very easily slip.

Investing in a good pair of water shoes is a must. You’ll stay on your board longer, feel more comfortable as you surf, and have a better time in general.


There isn’t much shade in the ocean. In fact, there’s none. Not only that, but the water reflects sunlight right back up into your face. This is a constant problem that can easily get you blinded and thrown off your board.

We highly recommend buying a pair of sunglasses that are designed to be used on the water. Not only should they be able to withstand corrosion by saltwater, but they should have a retainer strap that keeps them attached to you if you get tossed off your board.

These sunglasses aren’t too expensive, but they’re not cheap, either. You don’t want to lose them the second you get tossed off your board.

Life Jacket:

Finally, you need a life jacket. Many experienced surfers don’t use them. They believe they restrict movement.

That’s only true if you have a poor fit life jacket. If you buy one that fits right, and combine it with the rest of the gear listed, you can safely enjoy windsurfing.