What are canvas bags and should I use them in my stores?

It is important, now more than ever we make an effort as individuals to do what we can to help save the planet. Cutting down the use of single plastics and plastic in general, whether this is the products we consume or plastic bags, the ever growing concern of climate change is becoming more prominent for not only us but mainly future generations. The damage being done to the planet by humans is inexcusable and we all need to do our bit to help those who will feel the effects more than us. This is where it is helpful with the development of environmentally friendly products such as canvas bags in combating climate change, as long as they are used in the right way and not disposed of incorrectly.

Canvas bags have become ever more popular in this sense, offering a safer alternative to plastic bags. Canvas bags can be personalised depending on your business and what message you want to get across. Even as a simple marketing tool by putting your logo and getting your business out there can help increase the amount of customers you will see. Cottonbag Co has a great range of canvas bags available, which are bags which can be customised with the canvas available on the bag (clue really is in the name), as this blog looks into canvas bags and the great benefits they can offer to your business. So keep on reading to find out more!

What canvas bags have to offer

Merchandising is a well known way to promote your business, and can be very effective when used in the right way. Canvas bags provide this option to businesses, being able to personalise them with their logo or brand to give to customers who have bought from the business and thereby carry them around outside of the store. Reusable as well, so are not necessarily just used nearby, but also for other errands and activities, people will come across the brand more and more. Canvas bags really do have many benefits to businesses, not only when it comes to promotion.

A brand’s image can be made or broken within a matter of minutes in this internet age. It is important they are ethical with their products and what they have to offer depending on the message they want to portray. Canvas bags offer many great environmental benefits compared to its alternative, the dreaded plastic bag, which can boost a businesses’ profile as being environmentally friendly with how they operate. Everyone knows the damage plastic bags cause to the environment so have become less and less popular amongst different shops and stores out there. Of course this will vary from business to business in terms of practicality and the products which are normally sold and would be carried in canvas bags. They are appropriate for smaller items, so perfect for an arts and crafts shop or anything in that industry. There is a great argument to use canvas bags in your store, from the promotion to their practicality and environmental benefits, it is easy to see why you should get them in now!