Top 4 types of Eco Carrier Bags

Not only are eco carrier bags sustainable, but they also come in many different natural materials. This can have an effect on the way they look, as well as how durable they are, longer term.

Lots of bags like this have a huge positive impact on sustainability and plastic pollution, in comparison to single use plastic carrier bags. All of the types of bags suggested below are 100% recyclable, degradable and compostable, therefore giving the customer confidence that it’s end of life process will not have a negative impact on the environment.

Brown Paper Bags

Arguably giving one of the most neutral appearances, the brown paper bag is a great bag to purchase for yourself, or your business. This eco carrier bag can be used for many different reasons, for example retail shopping, takeaway deliveries and boutiques. This does mean this type of bag can be suitable for many secondary uses, due to its durability and to fit many common items.

Available in many sizes, the brown paper bag also comes with Woven Craft handles, making this eco carrier bag easy to carry around when filling it up with grocery shopping items.

Coloured Paper Bags

Number 2 on our list is the coloured paper bag. It’s in the name, the paper bag can be purchased in a range of colours suited to your personal taste, or business’ branding. This immediately is more exciting than the standard single use plastic bag, that often comes in limited colours based on where you purchased it from.

Also, what makes it even better is the bags make for a great photo opportunity, since you could purchase colours based on a brand’s colour theme. Therefore, if you are planning on showing product photos on your website, the coloured paper bag may be the perfect accessory, bringing consistency to all elements of your business.

Cotton Tote Bags

Number three on the list comes in with the cotton tote bag. This eco carrier bag can be made available in a range of colours, including natural, black and white cotton. The advantage of these bags over the brown paper bags is that they are more foldable, meaning easier to transport, you know you won’t accidentally rip them.

Another advantage is that the cotton material means you can also have personalised messages printed on the bag. For example, you may have an event coming up to promote your brand, and you want to give away some goodie bags to potential customers. The range of sizes available means no matter what product you wish to promote, there will be a size appropriate for you.

Canvas Tote Bags

To the eye, the cavas tote bag looks very similar to a cotton tote bag. Infact, it’s also made from cotton. However, the biggest difference is it’s durability. The canvas element of the tote bag brings a stronger base, making the bag stronger for heavier items, for longer. This also means the bag will not tear as easily, like plastic bags often do. This means the bag’s primary function will last for a longer period of time, before either reusing for a different purpose or recycling

To find out more about the different types of eco carrier bags, have a look here.