The Essentials Every Blog Should Have

A lot of people are attracted to the idea of starting a blog thinking that it’s easy;  however, make no mistake about it, starting a blog takes an enormous amount of effort. Once you decide what topics to write about, you’ll need to gather a following.  This will require consistent effort on your part and ideally SEO link building services. 

To make your blog a place that keeps people coming back to read more, make sure that it contains the following must-haves. 

A Great Title

The first thing that people will see when they land on your blog is the title. It’s crucial that your title has a name that stands out and makes people want to read more. Choosing a name which is too generic, and doesn’t reflect what your blog is about is a quick way to bore your readers.

Pick something that you think will stand the test of time since its not a good idea to change your blog title later on.  t could confuse your followers and lead them astray. 

Create a URL which is short and sweet and easy to remember.  That way you’ll be easy to find and simple for people to recommend to their friends.

A Search Bar

It may seem like a no-brainer for many people; however, you’d be surprised how many blogs don’t have a search bar.  A search bar is critical in order for readers to check out your previous posts instead of manually digging through your archive.

A search bar is an easy widget which you can add to your main menu, usually on the top right-hand corner of your blog.

Linked Social Media Pages

Blogging today requires authors to have social media accounts so your readers are able to keep up with you.  It gives them a sense of connection to you as a person and permits them to see what you do outside of your blog. 

Link your accounts in your “about me” section where’s easy to see.   Make sure that your social media handles are the same as your name on your blog.   That way people can easily find you and follow you. 

Author’s Photo

People want to see who the face is behind the blog they’re reading.  It’s essential to have a photo of yourself displayed on the top of your page. Make sure that you look friendly and relatable, with a picture is reasonably professional.  It doesn’t mean you have to go out and pay a professional photographer, but a grainy selfie is probably not the best choice. 


One of the most critical elements to getting your audience engaged is to allow them the ability to comment.   Make sure to enable a comment section under each one of your posts.