The complete beginners guide to teak furniture

The furniture that you buy for a garden can often be one of the most important purchases you make when furnishing a new home. It provides you with the tools to entertain guests, relax on a summer day, and welcome family around for get-togethers.

The material the furniture is made of can have a big impact on how long it will last and the reaction it has to weather and general wear and tear over the years. Teak is a material that makes great furniture for both interior and exterior designs, and our complete beginner’s guide will show you how it can improve the function and aesthetics of your garden.

What is teak?

Teak is what they call hardwood timber; meaning it is very durable and strong which makes it good for various uses. The durability of teak means it is very resistant to termites and overall weathering, making it perfect for exterior uses where there is no guarantee it will not be exposed to the elements.

Teak is not the only type of timber that is used for furniture, but the attractiveness of the grain and the strength means it is one of the most popular species amongst manufacturers. The timber goes a lovely silvery grey when weathered but with the proper treatment can maintain its deep golden colouring.

What kind of furniture can teak make?

When it comes to the type of furniture that teak can make in many ways the possibilities are endless. It is a robust material and can be used in the creation of:

  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Planters
  • Outdoor dining tables
  • Benches
  • Sun loungers

These are just some of the different types of furniture that can be made out of teak and that can be used in a variety of different places. If you want to explore the world of teak furniture, you can find a variety of dining tables, chairs, and a lot more that are both modern and timeless, simply by heading to a local furniture shop.

Where can I use teak furniture?

Teak furniture is versatile and is used for a variety of indoor and outdoor purposes. It makes great dining tables and can even make a good timber for sophisticated coffee tables. In addition to the interior uses, you can also place teak furniture outside on patios and lawns, and it will not look out of place. Many suppliers will also offer teak planters, which are great for any small trees you may be looking to purchase.

Using teak furniture, such as recliners, tables, chairs, and benches for outdoor living, patio, deck, gazebo, etc., could be a great addition to the space and can instantly improve its overall appeal. If you don’t already have such an outdoor space, consider building one with the help of a construction contractor. You can take a look at options like Custom Built Decks, screened-in porches, or a backyard shed that you can use as a gathering space or just to enjoy a slow evening with family. Teak furniture will enhance these spaces and make your property look more attractive.

Order your teak furniture form a good supplier

Teak furniture is a premium product and as such commands a premium price. Whilst the investment you have to make may seem daunting as long as you buy the teak from a reputable supplier, you can rest assured that you have a piece of furniture that not only looks the part but also stands the test of time.