The Alternative Way to Smoke Tobacco

There are now so many different ways of smoking tobacco that it can be hard to choose which method to go for. So, it might be useful to consider the ways the different methods work and the different pleasures they provide, so that we can make an informed choice. Some choose to smoke in order to relieve stress but you may want to research Claritychi, a business that provides expert care for patients.

In terms of purchasing bongs, which is a method proving popular at the moment, you might find websites like useful when it comes to catering to your needs.


The bong is becoming an extremely popular method for smoking tobacco because of how it improves the experience. It does this by cooling and filtering the smoke through a process of water filtration. This in turn results in a smooth smoke for its user. The smoking experience then feels less harsh than conventional smoking. The hit is more intense and achieved quicker, too.

Smoking tobacco and bongs both have a long history. The practice of smoking tobacco is thought to date to as early as 5000 to 3000 BC and 11 Scythian bongs were found in an Ethiopian cave between 1100 and 1400 CE. So, though it is nothing new, bongs are certainly gaining in popularity now as a way of enjoying tobacco.

Using a bong provides an enhanced experience when smoking tobacco especially when it comes to taste, the high produced, and the sound that it makes. The action of smoking from a bong produces a rip. It is known as this because of the sound the air makes when it bubbles through the bong’s water.

The MAPS Water Pipe and Vaporizer Study findings were encouraging when they talked about more tar being filtered out using a bong as opposed to some of the other devices. The water will trap heavier water-soluble particles that would otherwise prove harmful to respiratory systems, including the cytotoxins that attack immunity cells. So, this is good news for the bong users versus those using other methods for their tobacco tasting pleasures. We love the bong even more after reading this.

A bong is popular among tobacco smokers because of how easy it is to use. Those used to cigarettes are, after all, used to the simplicity of just lighting them and putting them into their mouth. If to be encouraged by an alternative they need it to be one just as easy. This is, of course, until they have experienced the benefits that bongs offer. Then nothing would be too much trouble to receive that much pleasure. It can be a shared pleasure, too. One that is shared with a girlfriend or boyfriend as part of getting to know each other better.


Vaping is merely an alternative to smoking. You are not technically smoking, though, because you are merely producing clouds of vapour during the process.

Tobacco, with vaping, is merely one flavour to choose from. It seems that those around inhaling the cloud are those benefiting the most from its sweet fragrance.


Smoking cigarettes in their familiar packeted form has become something of a dated way of smoking tobacco these days. There are now trendier ways to smoke. The bong is certainly trending as more and more users consider smoking tobacco as more of an experience than a habit. They are choosing to do it for the benefits of stress relief and pleasure.

The only thing in the cigarette’s favour, when you consider it, is the fact that you can fit twenty into a packet. Plus, there are plenty of well-known brands like Winfield and Marlboro that many smokers prefer to this day, and would rather have the classic experience of smoking a cigarette than switch to anything new.

So, three methods of experiencing tobacco, but none quite so effective as the bong device. It is producing tobacco smokes that are cooler, milder, and richer, compared to other methods and devices. There is the greater intensity with inhalation rips that prove bigger and quicker to achieve due to the smoke having been condensed. The whole process is highly efficient and one that can only benefit users switching to a bong or continuing to use one. If already using one, you will constantly be looking for devices that enhance your experiences to new levels.