Stop Existing and Start Living

How many of us are truly living our lives? Do you feel alive? Do you jump out of bed ready to greet the world and do you have a belly laugh at least once a day? Can you remember when you last enjoyed your working day? If you find yourself answering no to these questions, then you aren’t living but merely existing, and the two concepts are worlds apart.

If you have readily identified that you are not living the life you had hoped, there is nothing to stop you from beginning to take steps towards changing it, thus improving your life. We only have one life, let’s make an effort to live it as best as we possibly can while we are still able to do so!

What Do You Have Right Now in Your Life to Be Grateful For?

Do you have a roof over your head, a job that pays the rent and puts food on the table? Do you have people around you who care about you? Then you already have several gifts to be thoroughly thankful for. How many people do we see on the streets without a bed, and how many families do we know are torn apart? Consider yourself blessed for what you do have, and you are one step closer to improving your mindset to changing your lifestyle!

Remove Any Persistent Negativity from Your Life

Though we all have negative thoughts from time to time, when you allow these feelings to cloud your every waking moment, you will enable this negativity to take over your life. You and only you alone can stop this problem, and that is just by challenging it. Whenever you hear a destructive thought entering your head, stop it in its tracks and ask yourself why; why do you feel as though you can’t do something – who says you can’t?

Prove it wrong! Turn this negative energy into something constructive and work to prove to yourself that you can indeed do it. Once you start applying this mantra to every negative thought, you’ll soon banish if for good, because the feeling of achievement is a massive boost to your mood.

Understand the Need to Bide Your Time When It Comes to Change

Though we may want to change many things in our lives instantly, we must be practical here and admit that some things cannot be changed overnight. However, what matters here is that you make a start. You rarely get anything in life instantly or for free, everything needs to be worked at. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your desire, neither does it mean you have to halt living to the fullest along the way!

Make your move one step at a time and tell yourself that each step brings you closer to that goal. But, don’t stop having fun or living a full life while you make the journey. Think of it as a great time of learning and gaining what you can from it, turning that journey to your advantage.

Mix It Up and Live a Little in The Process

I’m always astounded by how many people write up a bucket list, yet fail to make the most of life in the here and now! Considering that none of us know what the future has in store for us, why wait to start something which you would put on your bucket list – why not start working on it now?

Force yourself to do something you’ve never done before, step out of your current schedule, and discipline. Many of us will never truly relish or appreciate this life if we never move out of our comfort zone every now and then. So, go for that solo vacation you have been planning for years, or conquer your fear of heights by trying skydiving. If need be, you can visit websites to learn more about specific activities, like this for boat tours, whale watching, snorkeling, and other water adventures. Keep challenging yourself so that the adrenaline rush of a new situation can prove that you are indeed alive!

Attempting to do something new once a week, for example, could in time mean a potential new career, a new love interest, or even a new way of living that you had no idea even existed before you made an effort to try something new.

Practice Self Care

Self-love and self-care are paramount for a fulfilling life amidst busy schedules that often lead to stress and reduced well-being. Material possessions alone cannot guarantee happiness. Allocating time for hobbies, adequate sleep, balanced meals, yoga, and positive thoughts are essential for personal growth. Some individuals may also explore alternative methods like consuming cannabis. However, before you do so, make sure you Get a medical card online or look for the green light from a mental health professional. Once you have that sorted, you can begin exploring the different kinds of products and methods of cannabis consumption that are available. For instance, with rosin gaining popularity due to its potency and solvent-free nature, individuals from different walks of life often use it for relaxation. However, those considering taking this route must know that light causes rosin cannabinoids & terpenes to degrade quickly, hence, it needs to be kept away from light. Likewise, to preserve rosin’s quality, it’s crucial to freeze it.

In essence, self-care guarantees a fulfilling life beyond material pursuits. It fosters a positive mindset and physical well-being, leading to genuine happiness. Prioritizing oneself ensures a balanced and meaningful existence.

Learn to Be the Better Person and Let It Go

Perhaps the hardest to do when making changes in our lives is learning to come to terms with grievances against those people who have hurt us during our lifetime. The trouble here is that most of the time, it is usually you who is carrying the burden, and not them. Therefore, your life is still being affected and you will never be able to fully embrace a better lifestyle if you don’t start to let go.

Unfortunately, some people are just toxic to be around. Undoubtedly, this toxicity will rub off on you, and you will at some point have to make a difficult decision as to whether you need such people in your life. Take time to analyze your relationships with such people and make a final decision as to whether it may just be time to move on.

Finally, look for your purpose in life. I know that we were all put on this beautiful planet for a reason. Some of us may have found out quite early on in our life what our purpose is. The rest of us may take a little longer searching for it. Nevertheless, you do have a purpose, and you owe it to yourself to find this and work towards achieving it. This way, you give yourself a head start on embracing and appreciating your life for all its worth while living every day to its fullest.