Start Your Mornings Off Motivated

There is no denying that a productive working day follows an excellent start to the day. Getting out of bed in the right frame of mind and then ensuring your mornings run as smoothly as possible is a great mindset to set up the remainder of how your day will turn out. Yet, so many people will choose this morning time to hit the snooze button, as many times as possible, while racing against the clock to get out of the door at a decent time.

If your current morning routine is chaotic and disruptive, why not look at implementing just a few small changes starting tomorrow, and see how effective your working days become in only a short space of time?

Early to Bed Early to Rise

One of the best ways of getting the best from the day ahead is to wake earlier, thus taking the pressure off the morning routine. However, alongside waking earlier, it is also more beneficial to go to bed slighter earlier each night to compensate for this early start.

Many adults find themselves having to make do with a reduced 5 to 6 hours of sleep. This is in part due to age and in part due to bad sleeping habits. Using the right pillow and duvet can help, and one can learn more about sleeping well by reading GolfnStyle and similar resources.

This emphasis on sleep routine is because, at this stage of our lives, we really ought to be getting a good 8 hours at least. Rest shouldn’t be referred to as a luxury; it is a necessity. For the brain to be able to function correctly the body needs to shut down and re-energize. Unfortunately, some people may have problems with falling asleep at night.

It is time for those individuals to seek out help from healthcare professionals in this regard. The doctor can suggest increasing physical activity during the day and may prescribe sleep-inducing medications if needed. Depending on an individual’s health condition, cannabis products may also be considered as a potential remedy. Those prescribed this solution may be interested to learn the cannabis prices in Arizona, and elsewhere.

Anyway, it would be great if you could also examine your current sleeping habits and see where and how you could make the changes to ensure an earlier night and an earlier morning. This will allow you to wake up feeling as though you have had a good night’s sleep, while you place yourself in the right mindset for the day ahead.

Rising earlier also allows you to get ready without rushing, meaning you calm your state of mind and begin your morning commute in the calmest frame of mind, arriving at work fully prepared and ready to start a productive day!

Dedicate a Time to Mentally Preparing Your Mind for The Day

If you have committed to getting up earlier each morning, now would be the best time to think about sectioning off an hour if possible, or at least 30 minutes, for ‘me‘ time. Resist the urge to automatically reach for your phone and instead sit somewhere quiet with just yourself and your thoughts for company and visualize your day ahead. Add a few deep breathing exercises and concentrate on everything that you want to achieve in the day that lies ahead of you. If your mind is wandering or you’re too distracted by something to do this effectively, consider lighting a calming candle, burning incense or using a diffuser. If this still isn’t enough, thca carts can be used in a vape pen to give you a little boost.

By making this an automatic session that you commit to every day, you will train your mind to focus, sharpen your concentration levels and prepare yourself both spiritually and physically as you do so.

If you would prefer something more active as a means of spending this gained hour, why not do an enjoyable exercise routine to get your momentum going? Alternatively, if it’s your brain that you wish to focus on waking up during this hour, why not complete a word search, crossword, sudoku or even a mind-training game?

Make Time for A Nutritious Breakfast

Though we are all told from childhood that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, a considerable proportion of us will repeatedly rush out of the door in the morning having had no breakfast at all! However, there is a reason why health experts continue to promote the many advantages of a healthy breakfast.

By eating a nutritious and balanced breakfast, you prepare your body for the day ahead but ultimately encourage your metabolism to work with you rather than against you during the first few hours of your working day. Think of your breakfast as power food and select those types of cereals or food choices that can enhance this power. For example, though occasionally it may be nice to treat yourself to a sweet pastry choice and coffee, such decisions will not offer much in the way of strength as you work and will often end up leaving you without the energy needed to survive that mid-morning slump.

Try choosing several whole-grain products, pieces of fruit, eggs or even a healthy shake. A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to equal a boring breakfast. It can be a meal of your own choice that you could look forward to eating each day. It just needs a little bit of planning beforehand, and you will soon have yourself set up for the first half of the day.

Dress the Part to Conquer The Day With Vigor

By this, I merely suggest choosing your work clothes wisely noting which ones make you feel work-ready and inspired. Does your choice of clothing feel comfortable as well as look smart? Is your uniform washed, ironed and fresh? Are your shoes clean? The way we choose to present ourselves at work isn’t just a visual thing, but it also affects our mood. If you don’t feel right about what you are wearing you aren’t going to be at your peak best in performance. Men in particular often neglect this vital stage of the morning’s preparations. Get Shave Advice suggests making the drudgery of a morning shave into a ritual to be enjoyed. Try out new shaving foams, a better razor, or whatever makes you enjoy getting ready and encourages you to look and feel your best!

Finally, don’t waste your precious time taking care of your inner self, only to neglect your outer self. Make a conscious effort to look and feel good from the inside out and thus make sure you are ready to face the day as prepared as you can possibly be. Dress to build your confidence and start your working day off every morning not only feeling great but looking great as well.