Services that come with serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are different to your standard apartments or hotel rooms, they are fully furnished self contained apartments with a number of added service options to increase the convenience of your stay. The majority of people who choose to stay within serviced apartments do so purely based on the addition of the services available. The services on offer will range from apartment to apartment but what are the available services that you might be able to expect from a serviced apartment?

Fitness Centers

Some serviced apartments can come with onsite fitness centers available to their residents. These contain features of a regular gym including the latest cardio machines, weights, and other equipment for strength and conditioning. Are you wondering how they meet this expense? They usually lease gym equipment instead of buying them for their full price. This not only helps them keep the costs down but also offers them the flexibility to bring new and improved equipment as per the residents’ demands. In the past few years it has become common for service apartments to have dedicated places for fitness activities. To create a comprehensive fitness area for their guests, serviced apartments often collaborate with fitness-related businesses, like gyms and pilates studios, as well as sports equipment providers (similar to this padel court supplier). This results in customers having a variety of fitness options to choose from, making it easier for them to stay fit and healthy while staying in the service apartments.


Serviced apartments have professional cleaning services available to residents, there is much more flexibility when it comes to serviced apartment housekeeping services than in hotels as residents can request how frequently they would like their accommodation cleaned. Depending on the availability and resources of the housekeeping service, residents could request daily cleans of their rooms. Typically included within the rent will be a set number of housekeeping cleans per month and any additional will be charged as extra.

Laundry services

An additional service sometimes included within serviced apartments is a laundry service. This can again be as minimal or as comprehensive as the resident requires from towels and bed lining to full scale laundry services.


Serviced apartments can come with a dedicated concierge service, a concierge can assist with a wide range of duties from booking accommodation, sorting mail, arranging external bookings and making recommendations for business or leisure travel amongst other things. Having a concierge service will also help to maintain good levels of security at the accommodation meaning that residents have one less worry as visitors will be monitored and vetted upon arrival.

Meeting spaces

Some serviced apartments can come with communal areas that can be used by residents. These are usually available to book for events or work meetings meaning you can take a business call without having to be in your own apartment.

Serviced apartments can come with a whole host of available services, these can be either included within the monthly charges or some may be classed as extra and require additional charges. This is not an extensive list containing all the services that are available so be sure to review serviced apartments yourself to find out the services available.