Serviced apartments: a great accommodation alternative to hotels during COVID-19

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone wants to stay safe as much as they can, and so as the UK begins to open up more we have looked at some of the alternative options to hotels should you want to get away for a little bit.

Whether going for business trips, leisure trips, alone or with family, there are many reasons why serviced apartments make a good alternative to hotels whilst we are still riding through the different stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Although many places are starting to reopen, we should still travel with caution. However, serviced apartments do offer a lot of seclusion and so this combined with the benefits listed below make for a good case for them.

Why serviced apartments make a great alternative to hotels

Space, privacy and isolation

A typical serviced apartment offers around 30% more space than a hotel room. Serviced apartments offer so much more space to cook, play, relax, sleep and even work! Moreover, if you are looking to stay for a longer duration then you are less likely to get cabin fever that you might get in a hotel room. You also get to enjoy a higher degree of privacy in serviced apartments as you are in a self-contained apartment. Whilst you may have neighbours, you don’t have the same amount of footfall around you as in hotels.

If you are a key worker or at risk and needing to keep isolated, then you might want to consider staying in a serviced apartment as an alternative to staying in a busy household. You can keep yourself self-contained and away from others, have access to fast WiFi and get shopping delivered to the apartment. 

Home from home

Whether you are staying for businesses or pleasure, a luxury serviced apartment is the perfect choice if you want to feel more at home. Most serviced apartments come fully equipped with luxury modern facilities you need for comfortable living, from Bluetooth speakers and smart TVs to a fully equipped kitchen.

In a serviced apartment you can use the space as and when you wish, which allows more freedom for relaxation and creating your own schedule. Furthermore, if you are working from home then you can make use of the desk areas and speedy WiFi.

Budget friendly

Commonly, a serviced apartment is more cost-efficient to use than to use a hotel, especially if you are staying for longer periods of time. Staying in groups can also work out well, as you pay per apartment rather than per room/bed.

You must also consider the added benefits of the self-catering aspect. Doing a weekly food shop and reducing the amount spent on eating out constantly can save a lot of money, especially for families.

More and more travellers are opting for serviced apartments over B&B’s or hotels. Provided you find an apartment that offers the space and location you need, you are guaranteed to get value for money.