Pros of Starting a Blog as a Busy Parent

When people become parents, the amount of free time they have decreases dramatically. Moreover, some don’t even have time to return to their jobs, so they decide to take up working from home. Many become freelancers, others recall their major and start teaching online. However, there is another option to be around the child all the time and have a possibility to share your experience and (as a prospect) earn money for it. Such an option is blogging, and it’s very popular among modern parents.

There are many advantages to starting a blog as a busy parent:

  • You create your own schedule.
    By being a blogger you can turn your day around your kid’s forming routine. So, while he or she is occupied or sleeping, you can think of the ideas for your blog, write, edit, publish, or search for sponsors and advertise your blog.
  • You can make your baby your blogging partner.
    Many busy parents start blogs that are inspired by their children. There are lots of things that first-time parents use internet to learn about. And if you have some valuable experience, you can share it with them.
  • You can turn it into a small business.
    When your blog becomes successful and gains attention online, you can start advertising or reviewing some kind of baby related products (or the products connected to the topic of your blog) for money. This will be a great opportunity for you to get more insight into those products, try them, and get more ideas for the articles.

A Success Story

An amazing example is a successful blogger and mother Sophie van der Linden who has created a blog about the best pack n play models on the market. A pack ‘n play is a mix of a playpen, a bassinet, a napper, and a changing table. Such a piece of baby equipment helps many parents. but not everyone knows how to choose the best model. So she does the job for them and creates articles about the best playards depending on their type. She writes about the best models of pack and play with storage, with a napper, a changing table, etc.

So, blogging can become a great option for you as a parent. It will allow you to spend more quality time with your kid, diversify your day-to-day life, and possibly start making money online. Tips on lifestyle and parenting are always needed, so don’t stop just because there already are projects like that online.