The Motivation & Training Era

I have a friend who on the surface would appear to be the epitome of the training & motivation era drivers, but this said friend of mine does in fact operate several “real” businesses, so he doesn’t earn a spot in my black book of dubious business-posers. No offence intended to any guru out there who is deep inside the motivation and training industry. If anything I admire your work if you are indeed gifted at it, otherwise there are a lot of other gurus giving the industry a really bad name.

We are indeed living in the motivation and training era, which I guess is somewhat of a conduit of the information era. I mean you only have to look at what gets offered to you online by way of the advertising which drives the internet economy. Every second advert you saw in 2017 was a link to a Udemy course which was marked down by as much as 90%, or it might have been an ad to an opt-in page where they’re capturing leads for some training program you’d be required to pay for.

Don’t get me wrong. I reiterate, I admire the work of real motivational speakers who light a fire under your behind when you listen to them do their thing up on stage or through some audio file you might be listening to. Some people are clearly gifted orators and by all means, they should be making full use of the gift they have to empower themselves economically. It’s nothing but a transfer of value, is it not?

I just cannot help but get the sense that for many speakers, motivators and training course producers they took this path as a last resort, having failed in their many other business endeavors. Am I wrong?

That’s just how it is though – we’re right in the middle of this motivation and training era. Many people are making a killing with their training and motivational material, which as I mentioned I reckon is okay, so long as the buyers thereof get some tangible value out of whatever it is they pay for.

This is how it typically works.

You see some sort of ad online which is related to some content you value enough to stop and read, or content which you consume in the case of it being an image or video. This initial ad would likely encourage you to take some sort of action in order to demonstrate your interest in whatever it is the ad is discussing.

So you “opt in” to get some sort of free resource, usually delivered to your email inbox and it proves to be of some intellectual value. This is where the up-sell happens, inviting you to sign up to some training course or “mastermind” as many gurus call it and if this is free as well there will definitely be what is referred to as a high-ticket item ultimately offered to you.

This is when you realize you’ve paid for some or other training or motivational seminar and I can only hope that you get some value out of it because chances are it won’t turn out to be exactly as made out to be in terms of what it actually delivers to you.