Luxury travel at your own pace with serviced apartments

One of the leading reasons why luxury travel seems to be just out of reach of the average traveller is the costs involved, but those costs can be minimised to bring it within reach. It’s all about trying to do it at your own pace, which means looking beyond luxury travel packages and what are touted as special deals.

If you attempt luxury travel at your own pace, you’ll realise just how affordable, rewarding and addictive it can be.

Book luxury serviced apartments in the offseason

How about scheduling your leave days for the low travel season? You’ll get much better prices and perhaps even enjoy perks such as free upgrades to the likes of the specific accommodation’s luxury suites or premium cabin if you’re flying, commuting via train, etc.

Low seasons aren’t necessarily low-seasons as a result of factors such as the weather being particularly bad. Sometimes it’s just a matter of everybody going on holiday around the same time during each working and school year.

Go off the beaten path

This perhaps follows on from travelling during the low season. Visit destinations that typically house people who themselves usually go away to different destinations during the peak travel season. If you book accommodation and transport during off-season, you might even be able to get affordable rates on charter planes! While this may not come anywhere near economy class prices, you might still see a decrease in private jet rental costs, allowing you to explore exotic destinations in a jet for you and your family or friends.

Clifton in Bristol is already a nice and quiet residential area to lodge when in this part of the land, becoming even more of an off-the-beaten-path destination during peak travel times, for instance. Some amazing luxury travel deals are to be attained for those who take the time to look properly.

Book in advance

When regular travel resumes it will probably become apparent once again that booking in advance, in any respect, usually amounts to a better deal. So if you book well in advance you can get some great deals on luxury travel elements as well, such as accommodation and transportation. Do a quick online search a few months ahead to see what’s available. Use the search term “villa paros“, for example, to find villas in Greece before they’re snapped up by others looking to get away.

Make use of your travel benefits

Make full use of the points and loyalty rewards programmes many of the regular booking platforms have. Usually, the points earned can only really be cashed-out during what are otherwise awkward times, but if you can steal a weekend away and perhaps extend it by two days, those rewards benefits can be exchanged for some exclusive luxury travels.

Document your trips

Not only is this a great way to build up some content which you might be able to monetise later, but documenting your trips is a great way to attract the eyes of key marketing figures within the travel and hospitality industry. Imagine getting a call one day, with someone offering you a free stay in exchange for a review of one or more of their luxury serviced apartments!

It happens, but they need to be able to find you and the only real way they can do that is if you’ve documented your travels up to so far, particularly expressing your desire and preference for the more luxurious variety of travels.

The basic rule of thumb is to approach your luxury travels at your own pace as there is no real rush. The urgency is often fabricated to get as many people to get on board as possible, as quickly as possible.