Look Modern yet Classy with Alternative Suits

Have an important event coming up but don’t know how to dress? Why don’t you try some great alternative suits? They look great, have a classy appeal and pack in modern comfort too. The best thing about these options is that they add more colours and textures to your usual formal wardrobe. Ready for the change? Let’s go.

Belted mac coat with a sleek waistcoat and denim

Don’t want a completely formal outfit? Try this instead. Say goodbye to the suit jacket and stick to the waistcoat. Get dark denim, preferably in blue and pair them up with long-sleeved shirts in light colours. White is the favourite for this look. Want to look more suave? Try derby shoes in darker, warmer colours. To highlight your frame, use a belted mac coat in beige. It gives your torso the classic V shape.

Tees with chinos and double-breasted waistcoat

This may be the ultimate semi-formal style for men. Chinos are very comfortable and offer you the ability to look cool in colours without looking like you are trying too hard. Combine it with a plain T-shirt of your choice. If you want a coloured tee, opt for white chinos and vice versa. It adds complexity to your look. Get a waistcoat in a dark shade. You could get a lighter tone of the same colour for the tee a swell. Add embossed panel brogues to the mix and you are good to go. This could also be a good choice if you’re considering getting one of those Custom Wedding Suits.

Turtleneck sweaters and a tailored suit jacket

Don’t want to give up on the suit jacket just yet? Try it with a turtleneck sweater in natural, basic colours. They are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual. Tailored suit jackets for men add the formal appeal to your look while the sweater gives a muted casual vibe. It is one of the looks that can never go out of fashion. Just wear them and go around town with effortless style. Add fitted trousers to the mix and loafers, moccasins or derby shoes for added effect.

Denims, tees and suede jackets

This combination is a perfect choice for those who want to look graceful and stylish without going overboard on formal styling. Just grab a tee in plain colours and a V-neck to suit your frame. Wear the denim of your choice. If the setting is casual, go with lighter or even distressed jeans with a relaxed fitting. For more formal occasions, stick to darker colours. You can choose your fit. Now just add a beautiful suede jacket to complete your look. Chelsea boots are perfect for these styles.

Elevate your look with the right accessories

Different combinations of outfits could make you look suave and sophisticated, but what could complete your look is an accessory or two. Playing with the right type of accessories adds personality and expresses your own unique style.

Take eyeglasses for example; whether you wear shades, fake or prescription glasses, you come across as more attractive, intelligent, and likable according to research conducted by the Swiss Journal of Psychology in 2011. So, find one that suits the shape of your face and rock that look you’re going for.

Lapels, tie pins, cufflinks, belts, and brooches tend to add some spice to the formal, suited outfit. Plain suits might look ordinary and lack excitement at times. So, to add the ‘X factor’, you should play with different accessories. For instance, you can elevate your formal ensemble with Deakin & Francis Silver Green Wellington Boot Cufflinks and a pearl and gold brooch — you can find these and more such options at Jacobs the Jewellers: Reading & Berkshires Trusted and Independent retailers or similar jewelry and accessory sellers elsewhere.

Likewise, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings could also throw a luxurious feel to your outfit. First, for a stark, formal look, you should go for signet rings and a nice wristwatch to keep it simple, yet classy. Second, for the semi-formal and easy look, you could opt for a combination of leather and beaded bracelets, along with colour-matching rings and a necklace. Lastly, for the casual look, keep it to a minimum with a simple ring and a slim pendant and chain. It would give a subtle yet complete look for the occasion.

These options will help you in looking formal, suave as well as comfortable. Remember, formal styles are not about suiting up with muted colours and blacks. You can layer and interchange your look or choose to mix and match. This will help you in maintaining a fresh vibe at the workspace or any event you are attending. Go ahead and try one of these looks to impress everyone with your polished style.