Is Serviced Accommodation Better When You Go to University?

There’s no doubt that working at a big company during the summer will be vastly superior to a summer job at a fast food chain. And there’s no doubt that students get bored at college and have a lot of time to spend doing homework and studying.

But if you don’t like working on the weekdays, then maybe a serviced accommodation would be good for you. It’s a paid job, and it’s usually for three weeks to a month.

I know. It sounds amazing and exciting, doesn’t it? No sweat, just do your homework in the morning and study during your lunch hour. When you come home, you go straight to the pub or whatever you prefer to do.

Wait a second, Serviced Accommodation Can Be Bad?


There are lots of people who get locked into serviced accommodation. They’re locked into the serviced accommodation because they can’t afford to move.

People take advantage of this. People take advantage of people’s need to do chores. People take advantage of people who are in serviced accommodation who need to do certain kinds of things, for example, getting a part-time job in the evenings.

Most people who have a part-time job earn more money at that part-time job than they would do on their university course. And then when people get their assignments back, they’re doing them because they’ve got to get rid of the cost of the accommodation, which means doing the assignments at night.

When this happens, it’s really no wonder that university has an incredibly high drop-out rate.

When you look at a world in which there is a serviced accommodation option, you can go to university on your own terms. You don’t need to make a decision about what kind of course you want to do and it becomes obvious that the courses which require a lot of work and a lot of studying and a lot of studying for exams are going to be more financially successful.

When you’re in serviced accommodation, it becomes obvious that the courses which allow you to study at night and come home on the weekends and have some time to work on your coursework are going to be more financially successful.

The Government’s Role

Where a serviced accommodation option does become available, then the government’s role is to ensure that the service is going to be good, and the service is going to be better than the serviced accommodation you could get at home.

However, if you don’t get into serviced accommodation, you’ll have to do your university course at university, you won’t have that option, and you’ll have to do your coursework during the day.

But sometimes you’ll get stuck in a place like York where the fees are so high, whereas the serviced accommodation Bristol has on offer is comparatively more affordable for the value you’d get. How is it better for you to spend all your time during the day studying in the library when you could be doing other things?

I’ve heard stories of people who went on a higher education course with no expectations, because they had no money to pay for the course and therefore no expectation that they’d be able to afford the course.