How to market the environmental benefits of your Kraft paper bags

Having products that are recyclable and less impactful on the environment is becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to develop greater USP’s against those of competitors.

Plastic bags have quickly become some of the worst items that you can use in your store; they have a ‘cheaper’ feel than their reusable counterparts and are viewed as one of the least environmentally sustainable products out there.

This change in the market has given rise to the Kraft paper bag market. These recyclable bags are now used in many different stores around the UK. Here are some of the benefits of Kraft paper bags and why you should consider adopting them in your stores.

  1. Kraft paper bags are sourced from FSC regulated suppliers

Kraft paper bags as the name implies are made from high-quality materials, and these are normally sourced from sustainable sources. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit international organisation that works to promote the sustainable management of forests around the world. If you find the FSC logo on the Kraft paper bags you buy, this will be another environmentally friendly element you can add to your businesses branding.

  • You can use the ‘Kraft’ element as part of your branding

The Kraft element of these paper bags is often an indication of a bespoke product. This higher quality bag feel is something that you can incorporate into your branding strategy. For example, this bag would pair well with any bespoke luxury products that your company is offering.

  • Kraft paper bags can be used to support your businesses’ ‘green’ image

In addition to the quality feel of Kraft paper bags, their FSC regulated status makes them a powerful environmental marketing tool. For example, your use of them could be brought into print and digital advertising. Phrases like ‘all our packaging is recyclable and FSC regulated’ are a great way to reach environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Kraft paper bags are highly customizable

Not only are Kraft paper bags much better for the environment, but they are also easy to customize. Handles finishes, prints and linings are all areas that can be easily changed to create the perfect product for your business. Having different styled Kraft paper bags can also add more variety to the store’s value offering. However, if you do change the style of the bag, make sure the design still works with the aesthetic.