How Paper Bags Help the Environment

Paper bags are now a permanent fixture in our lives. Today most people carry their groceries in plastic bags that are clearly seen as junk. But with recent plastic bag bans by a number of cities and countries across the United States, as well as the recent big shift by Whole Foods into paper bags, consumers seem more likely than ever to take a stand against plastic bags.

Not only are plastic bags the most widely used trash in the U.S., but they are also polluting the environment with petroleum. Paper bags seem to be the safest bet, but only if they are made with recycled materials.

Fewer Plastic Bags and the Environment

Thanks to the bans, it is becoming more difficult to bring a paper bag into stores. Some places have imposed a minimum number of paper bags a customer must carry, and at Whole Foods the selection of paper bags is dwindling as shoppers opt for plastic.

I personally like paper bags, but there are still times when plastic is a safer bet. I am worried about both my health and the environment, so the number of plastic bags I choose might be lower than the average person, but I still do my best to keep them out of the trash.

Why Paper Bags Make Sense for Me

I like paper bags because I feel good about carrying them and using them. They are also a great way to stretch my pay cheque while helping the environment.

According to The Guardian, “Paper bags are seven times cheaper than plastic bags.” Yet, if I rely solely on paper bags, they won’t completely solve the issue. Although a paper bag might save me money at the grocery store, it still may not make sense for me to use them as much as I would if I also relied on plastic.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid using plastic bags as well. Paper bags aren’t as efficient, can break, and take longer to replace. It may be a good idea to include paper bags in my grocery list to help reduce my use of plastic.

But my reasons for wanting to reduce plastic bag usage are mostly rooted in my desire to care for the environment. With so many places deciding to ban plastic bags, I feel encouraged to do my part.

If you are looking for a great product to help the environment, Paper Bags by Nature’s Corner Store is an excellent choice. The company uses recycled paper bags to make everything from purses to blankets. It also gives a percentage of profits to environmental causes like plastic bag reduction and recycling.

Paper Bags Help the Environment by Being a Sustainable Means of Storage

I won’t argue with the fact that most paper bags are not recyclable. But with the huge rise in recycled paper products in the past decade, and the growing number of recycled paper products, paper bags are making a significant impact on our environment.