Fun activities for a caravan holiday in Devon

Going on a caravan holiday to Devon is a popular choice amongst many who want a staycation in the UK or indeed for those who are travelling from further away. Usually most caravan sites will have lots of onsite activities and facilities to keep you and your family entertained, however what do you do when you fancy something a little different.

Here is a list of fun and easy activities to give you some inspiration next time you are looking for an activity to keep your family entertained.

Beach Barbecues

Although it is possible you will have barbeque facilities at your Devon holiday park,  it can add an extra element of fun to take the activity to the beach. Devon is home to some beautiful beaches and beach barbecues are a great way to get the family together with some great scenery and to enjoy some good food. For children this is also a way that you could get them involved with helping to cook (being mindful of health and safety!).  If you are not able to get to the beach for a barbecue then on the bank of a river or any other outdoor environment will work just as well. Just remember to check the local council rules regarding barbecues at any of the locations you are considering.


Being near the sea it is likely you will spend at least some of your caravan holiday near the coast and along with that comes the opportunity for some fun activities. A family favourite is crabbing, buy yourself some crab bait (bacon works just as well) and a crabbing line for a couple of pounds and you will have hours of fun. Harbours tend to work best, as do rocky areas as there are lots of hiding places for crabs. You can either let them back as you go or collect them in a bucket full of sea water and release them all together in a big crab race back to the ocean!

Flying a kite

A good activity that you can do without leaving your caravan park is flying a kite! If you have one already then they are great for travel as they are light and compact, however if you need to purchase one then aside from being relatively cheap they will be easy to add to your luggage for returning home. All you need is an open space and a little bit of wind and your family will have a fun afternoon activity, bringing a picnic is also a good idea to keep the energy levels up.

Holiday scrapbook

Nowadays with all the technology it is easy to keep snapping pictures with your mobile phone, what might be a fun idea is to take a polaroid camera. Taking pictures throughout your holiday at the best landmarks and trying out new activities and then gluing them into an empty scrapbook at the end of each evening will be a unique and screen-free way to remember your holiday for years to come. You can also decorate the scrapbook if you have a chance for some arts and crafts. If you do not have an instant print disposable camera then you can always take a disposable camera and get the photos developed after or, use your phone and get an app to print them after the holiday.

When on a caravan holiday in Devon, there is so much to do it can seem a bit overwhelming deciding on activities day to day. Sometimes it is nice to have some relaxed plans that don’t require a lot of planning or stress. These activities are relatively easy to organise and low cost making them ideal for a low maintenance and relaxing holiday.