Drones: From the History to the Mystery and Beyond

Perhaps dating back to 1917, the drone has been making history ever since, yet is still a mystery to those who have not yet discovered its technology. The internet is a good source for not only finding out about drones but also purchasing one. There are companies that can supply various models for all kinds of purposes. If you go to the website for DJI, for example, you can find out more about the different models available.

When was the Drone Invented?

It might surprise many people to know that the drone was invented in 1917, just sixteen years after the Wright Brothers’ plane Kitty Hawk made history. Ruston Proctor Aerial Target, using remote control technology invented by Nikola Tesla, was to become the first pilotless winged aircraft.

The first modern drone, or large-scale production of one, can be attributed to Reginald Denny, who served in the British Royal Flying Corps during WWI. In 1919, he was to emigrate to the US looking to become a Hollywood actor.

What was the Drone’s Original Purpose?

Originally, drones were designed solely for reconnaissance. They were used in a para-military way, with their commercial development out of the sight of the public. It was only as the costs fell that the technology became more widely spread. Which is why civilians can make use of the technology today. It can be said that these UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), as they are often referred to, are currently in rapid development.

In the military, drones ae used in situations where it would be too risky to consider manned flight. They become the troops’ third eye.

Drones are controlled via a direct link with a ground-control station. A drone will use GPS to indicate and relay its position. Generally, if the signal is lost, the drone will be programmed to either fly in circles or return to its base.

What Are Drones Used for Now?

To dispel the mystery of these flying machines, if at first you thought they were UFOs, but then considered them just to be a hobbyist playing with something that they had invented in their garage, we should talk about their many uses. Drones are, of course, becoming a very popular hobby among perhaps those who used to race radio-controlled cars in competition against each other. However, as well as representing a fun toy, they have many serious practical uses.

Drones are used in agriculture to survey crops and livestock. It is thought that in the future, farmers and ranchers alike may use drones to spray their crops in more of a monitored and strategic way.

In science, drones are being used for animal research, by giving scientist views that they had previously before been unable to gather or observe. Drones can be used to prevent poaching and other animal crimes. The technology has been used against illegal logging.

In search and rescue, drones can save lives by first surveying hazardous areas and situations that have the potential to endanger further life, allowing for approaches to be more considered and strategic. Many lives have been saved by drones.

Drones are used in aerial photography, reducing the cost of shots that were previously taken from aircraft. This footage is then, if not personal photography taken by a hobbyist, used for journalism and in making documentaries. Both stills and moving footage can be taken using drones as an aerial solution.

For a fuller list of the applications for drones, click here.

So, not a mystery anymore, why not consider purchasing a drone yourself. You might make history by finding another use for it. Many people are and enjoying discovering all that is possible with this revolutionary invention.