Digital Nomads – a Day in the Life

Digital Nomad has been the buzz phrase for quite some time now, frankly showing no signs of dying off any time in the near future, but I reckon that’s a good thing. Aspiring digital nomads have figured out the fact that becoming a digital nomad isn’t something you sign up to through some official institution. It’s a lifestyle and so nobody can really claim proprietary over something like an official digital nomad course which they tout to make them tons of money at the expense of budding digital nomads.

You shape your own life as a digital nomad and work while you travel on your own terms really – well, as far as is within reason of course, since really it is your clients and the work they give you which pretty much determines how you go about it. There’s still a whole lot more freedom to be enjoyed within those rather loosely determined parameters however, for example as much as you might have a deadline to deliver certain work for a project by a certain date, you’re still in charge of when to sit down and do the work.

We’re briefly going to go through the life of a digital nomad from Mauritius of all places, who works as a freelance writer and travels the world.

One would think that since an island country such as Mauritius is pretty much right up there with the best by way of tropical island destinations, a digital nomad would feel right at home there and wouldn’t really be too keen to travel the world. Sure, the likes of the Seychelles and the Maldives perhaps make for more exclusive getaways, but being a digital nomad is about the traveling and the change of scenery and not just about where you are based. It’s about being able to book a ticket to go to your next destination, perhaps at a discounted price you were made wise to by other digital nomads, and then perhaps even get some work done on the aircraft.

The life of a digital nomad is not all sunshine and beaches, although that’s the picture which is framed by the dream that’s sold. A lot of hard work goes on behind those picturesque scenes, with a nice view of the beach making for some great inspiration to keep working hard behind the scenes.

Granted, as is the case with our Mauritian digital nomad writer, you tend to be able to get a whole lot more done especially in the artistic sense when your workplace looks like you’ve been dropped into a postcard.

Digital nomads work extremely hard – make no mistake about it and they have to deal with so many challenges which are normally a non-issue for full-time employees who have a “stable job”. I mean imagine the internet going down while you’re trying to hold a meeting with a prospective client.

On the flip side, digital nomads also play really hard, making full use of the freedom which comes with their chosen path in life.