The whole world is drowning in the waves of the infectious COVID-19. This disease is, indeed, stretching its foot on the world map and severely affecting the nations’ economy. But the enterprises have opted for the remote working option or freelance services to curtail the drastic economic effects of the virus. They have opted for it not as a flux but as their necessity. 

According to research by Forbes, remote working assists the employees in working more efficiently. It also enhances the flexibility amongst the employees. But, when we glimpse the other side of the coin, we get to know about the umpteen challenges offered by it. To combat these challenges, a bevy of applications on the internet exists. 

These tools help businesses to continue their work without the risk of the spread of the virus. They help in conforming to the norms of the Government by working from home. Working from home is not as easy as it seems to be. This process requires many qualities like an uninterrupted collaboration with the work team, steady video chatting applications, etc.

The organizations are now scrambling for the applications which provide such attributes. Tech companies across the globe are doing their utmost to provide subsidized or even free tools for remote working. This not only ensures the well-being of the people but also offsets the negative economical impacts of COVID-19

However, choosing the best applications from the army of apps is a daunting task. This has been made easy in this article. The following tools would help you to optimize your efficiency and enhance your business from home:

01. ASANA 

With its task management interface, Asana makes collaborations and management amongst the employees convenient. The automation feature helps you to assign rules to the tasks. It also helps track your projects’ progress and thus freeing you from the tedious task of maintaining the project records. 

Despite the cluttered interface, the lucid and sleek design of the software is commendable. This task-managing application would aid you in synchronizing your work in an organized manner.

02. SLACK 

Slack helps the work teams to communicate effectively without any hindrances. It facilitates transparent communication with its ability to organize various conversations into channels. 

The significant advantage of Slack is that it even allows you to modify the people who chat with you. You can do this by muting the less-deemed people. It helps in sharing files and making calls without even leaving the platform.

03. G SUITE 

G Suite, powered by Google, circumscribes various productivity tools like Gmail, Docs, and Google Drive. These tools are free to use. G Suite includes multiple features that are very beneficial and helpful to work in a remote environment.

These features include admin control, unlimited storage, and shared calendars. These enterprise-level features make G Suite a must-needed tool while working from home.

04. BIT.AI 

Bit.Ai, a next-generation document, has a collaborative platform interface that is ideal for the typical day remote workplace. It helps the employees to collaborate from any nook and corner of the world. 

It also expedites the creation of innovative articles integrated with the benefits of the apps you use every day. Features like version history, information availability, and smart search make it one of the best tools to collaborate with.


Notion incorporates the various productivity apps into a single platform. Therefore, it makes your work more comfortable and efficient. Its task management and integrative features are just a small advantage over its striking notes-taking function. You can also create formatted documents or spreadsheets in it.

06. ZOOM 

Zoom ranks amongst the top video conferencing and collaborating applications during the wake of this epidemic. The app has sighted an upsurge in its usage during the pandemic. It is even competing with tech giants like Google and Microsoft in terms of video conferencing. 

This easy-to-use application has wholly modified the means of communication. The availability of both the free and premium version of the app makes it open to a greater audience.

07. BOX 

Box is a well-known collaboration app. It works as a free business edition for Short & Medium Business solutions (SMBs). The application’s CEO, Aaron Levie, describes the app. He states that the SMBs can sign up for the application, which is free for 90 days. 

This popular file storage application has some incredible features which make it distinctive from the rest. Advanced security and other mobile security controls improve the credibility of the app. The app’s exceptional feature is that even 5 GB data can be uploaded in a single file. Unlimited users can access the app.


This impressive tool supports you to form free business accounts for the initial six months. It further aids in managing the workforce from anywhere. You can share the password logins easily and with full confidence. Other important information can also be shared with the employees with this app.

09. WAVE 

This tool disperses knowledge about the various financial software solutions like bookkeeping, accounting, invoicing, etc. This knowledge is shared with the small enterprises, free of cost. This application has even reduced the prices of its paid services to offer relief to the people in difficult times.


This is an excellent platform for students to gain an education. The app has a free 30-day trial. You would have access to a global community of proficient technologists, monthly live content, and a digital library. More than 100 hours of live content is shared on this app.

Wrapping Up

To ensure social distancing, work-from-home is intensified. The companies who had always practiced the brick and mortar culture are placed in an unfamiliar position. The tech giants like Microsoft, Slack, and Cusco have developed various productivity tools mentioned above. These tools lend a helping hand to the companies and ensure maximum efficiency in work while sitting at your place.

You will not feel disconnected from your peers if you use these applications. They create a virtual environment to optimize productivity, boost efficiency, and mushroom businesses. You can choose any app according to your requirements and pull up your sleeves to strengthen your business!