Celebrities Who Love Diamonds

Diamonds have always symbolized elegance and style. It is a gorgeous piece of rock that costs a fortune. A lot of people invest in them since they never go out of style. Most of the time, we see some really great diamond statement pieces that are being worn by famous people. It could be during the red carpets or famous galas. And some of these celebrities love to collect diamonds. Here’s a list of celebrities who loves diamonds: 

Jennifer Aniston

            Jennifer Aniston is much like the character she played in Friends, Rachel Green, who loves statement pieces. We often see her in outfits that are simple and stylish, but Jen also loves her diamonds. Her ex-fiance, Brad Pitt, co-designed a five hundred dollar diamond ring for her. But that’s not the only diamond that Jen wears. She is often seen flaunting gorgeous assortment diamond jewelry.

Nicole Kidman

            When we talk about celebrities and diamonds, we can never not talk about Nicole Kidman. Not only did she sing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend in Moulin Rouge, but she is also very famous for her bold red carpet outfits that are accessorized with gorgeous diamond pieces. Plus she is a huge fan of Harry Winston diamonds.

Maria Sharapova

            Celebrity athlete Maria Sharapova loves to collect jewelry every time she goes on tour. She claims that her love for diamonds started when she has first received a Tiffany diamond. That diamond started her whole collection.

Cristiano Ronaldo

            Who said that diamonds are just for women? Men can wear them too. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those men who look gorgeous in diamonds. We regularly see this celebrity athlete wearing his diamond stud earrings. But he doesn’t only wear diamonds as jewelry. He even sported a diamond-encrusted soccer boot that is made for him by Nike. That just seems fitting since Cristiano is a diamond in the field.

Elizabeth Taylor

            Of course, save the best for last. When talking about celebrities and their love affair with diamonds, Elizabeth Taylor is the most glamorous of them all. She is a true diamond collector. Her collection is so huge that it is estimated to run into thousands of carats all in all. She owns really famous diamond pieces like the Taylor-Burton Diamond and the La Peregrina. And she absolutely looks stunning in those diamonds. There’s no need to list down the diamonds that she has as she wrote a book about it. Now that’s true love.

By Luxury Diamonds Vancouver