Personal Finance

Liquidation Is Not Necessarily Negative

At some point in their life span, every business will need funding to help them grow or to carry out their business operations on a day to day basis. Indeed, the directors of a business usually find the required finances

When It’s the Right Time to Buy a Home

Home ownership is an immense responsibility – and one that an ever-increasing number of people choose not to embrace. While the benefits of renting your home or apartment include stress-free maintenance and the simplicity of rent, owning a home requires

Financing your family: what are the costs involved?

It’s helpful to gain an insight into how much you’ll require financially, to help sustain your family’s lifestyle and fulfil the future plans you have in mind. True Potential Investor, personal pension and ISA specialist, has created an a useful

The Precarious Life of a Freelancer

I’ll tell you one thing about freelancers you may or may not know and that is the fact that these are some of the bravest individuals you’ll ever see, anywhere. There’s a lot of uncertainty which comes with the freedom

Getting Ahead as a Web Designer

Web designers who have gone through formal qualification channels probably wouldn’t be reading a blog post about how to get ahead as a web designer, simply because there is a certain set way of doing things within the formal qualification

Finally Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code

Now obviously I’ll have to get into more detail about it and I most definitely will, but if for some other-worldly reason you only had time to read one paragraph of this post, the takeaway about cracking the affiliate marketing