Blog Content Possibilities: The Good and the Bad

When you write content for the web, you can do good things and you can do bad things. You can produce copy that people enjoy, or you can play with fire and try to do things that will trick people but ultimately cause poor results. It’s all up to you what you do with your publishing format, but by following general guidelines, you keep yourself in a favorable structure.

So what are some of these good and bad techniques? You have to understand how to work with duplicate content. You need to know what it means if you choose to put out fake or misleading material. You can add expert words and phrases to contents to make it more valuable. And you can focus on the experience that a reader will have as they’re browsing your content, as opposed to what you want or what material you’re trying to game.

Duplicate Content

It’s not a big deal to paraphrase content or to showcase material from other places, as long as you have a legitimate reason for doing so, and aren’t profiting from someone else’s work. However, if you have exact duplicate content somewhere else, and you’re trying to use to make money, that’s a dangerous area to get into. If you’re uncertain if the content is duplicated, you can use a duplicate content checker and find out if a string of text has been copied from somewhere else.

Fake and Misleading Material

Every direction you turn, you’ll hear about fake news. Though people have different definitions of what this means, there are few ramifications if you choose to publish certain types of content on your platforms. If you are intentionally putting out false information to try to get a profit, that can come back to bite you. Even if it’s not noticed initially, between bad reviews and lower rankings, you can create a distinctly lousy situation for yourself and your reputation ultimately.

Expert Words and Phrases

One way to increase the chances of a high ranking on your content and add interest and attention to your pieces is if you use expert words and phrases that deal with your topic. Google’s algorithms are very good at figuring out who is an expert and who isn’t based on specific terms and phrases that people use. When you’re talking about a subject, experts will naturally use this expert language. It’s hard to fake. The more you know about a topic, the more intelligently you can discuss it.

Value To the Reader

Ultimately, one of the best things that you can do with your blog content is make it incredibly valuable to readers. You can try to game the system and get clicks and hits by utilizing different techniques, but people don’t enjoy reading it, ultimately it’s not going to be perceived as good content. Make sure you keep the reader in mind regardless of the other promotional methods you’re using.