Are Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers Appropriate for Important Events?

Pre-made cocktail mixers are growing in popularity. They’re cost-effective, convenient, and taste great. They’re also extremely consistent since they’re portioned out in production plants instead of at the whim of a bartender.

However, there’s a bit of a condescending attitude towards them from more “high class” drinkers. They’re often canned, and that just doesn’t suit the image of people sitting around a speakeasy sipping the finest small-brand scotch from an ornate glass.

How far can you go with pre-made mixers, though? At what point is it best to give in to the stigma and opt for hand-made cocktails, and when is it perfectly fine to offer pre-made cocktails?

We’re going to take a look at that, today.

1: What Crowd are You Serving?

First and foremost, what type of crowd are you planning to serve? Usually, in the life of an average person, your friends and family are not going to care that the cocktails came from a can. For an office party or another casual work function after hours, the people usually aren’t going to be turning their noses up at them, either.

So, in general, if the crowd you’re serving is the same crowd you live your daily life with, you can typically feel more than comfortable serving pre-made cocktails.

However, if you have invited your boss over to discuss a raise or a business idea, or maybe you’re trying to enjoy your now-adult child’s first drink with them, it might be a little more appropriate to go with a more formal option; just to show you care and put thought into it.

2: How Serious is the Event?

If you bring pre-made cocktails to the family Christmas party, everyone will probably jump for joy since they’ll have something to cut the edge off Old Aunt Susie’s underhanded remarks and Uncle John’s horrible dad jokes.

If you bring them to a more formal event, such as a relatively formal wedding, or to a funeral reception, they won’t exude the type of vibe people are expecting, and it might seem like it’s “not enough”. That’s not a knock on the quality of pre-made cocktails; sometimes, it’s just more appropriate to be very traditional and formal.

3: Why is the Cocktails Being Served?

Finally, why are you serving them, anyway? Are you trying to have a few friends over to unwind? Are you tailgating at your local football game? Maybe you’re just trying to sit back with your partner and enjoy a nice buzz while watching a few horror flicks? All of those are perfectly good situations to bust out pre-made cocktails. No one is expecting anything fancy, and presentation isn’t as important as taste and convenience.

However, the same can’t be said for certain other situations. Can you imagine slipping an engagement ring into a canned cocktail and waiting for your girlfriend to hear it jingling around in there? It’s not exactly romantic. That’s when a more formal presentation is necessary. When you’re really trying to make an impression, go for the high-class presentation.

Common Sense is All It’s About, Really

When it comes down to it, you just need to use a little common sense, and you’ll never serve the wrong drinks at the wrong time, again.