Adding Genuine Value To Digital Marketing

One of the hardest things to do as a marketer is to figure out how to add genuine value to your promotions. You can look at lots of ways to increase ‘pretend’ value or perceived value. But, genuine value is an entirely different animal. Genuine value means you have to communicate to your potential customers and clients that what you are offering is something that they need, not something you are trying to throw at them because you’re trying to make a profit.

There are several different ways to approach the idea of genuine value. There is the tried-and-true method of using various kinds of guest posts in digital arenas. There is the concept of writing reviews for people and having them write reviews for you. And then there are social conversations. If you are active on social media, eventually, the people that you interact with create value for your brand in a very organic way.

Guest Posts

One way that you can improve the genuine value of some of your advertising is by utilizing guest posts. The time spent guest posting is well worth it. You have to make sure you pay attention to the right details and know who your audience is. By targeting the people who want the information that you have, you create value. You give them an easy way to learn the things that they want to know, and in exchange, they trust you, your brand, your content, and the platform that is being shared on. That is a win for everyone.


Then there’s the matter of reviews. When you begin researching how to write a good review, you’ll find out that the methodology is quite strict. For people to get the most value out of a review, it has to follow a specific format. Once you know what that format is, you can practice it. Write good reviews for the things that you enjoy. And then find people who want to review your product and brand, and show them how your formatting makes the most sense. It will increase the genuine value of an entire environment. Excellent written reviews are Internet gold.

Social Conversations

It’s hard to overstate the value of social conversations when it comes to branding and genuine value as well. When you learn how to use social media for business, you have discussions online in public forums. If these conversations go well, then everyone generates value and receives value synergistically. Once you practice having these conversations from the perspective of your brand, that creates a self-perpetuating cycle of good advertising. Plus, once you start doing it right, this very effective advertising is also almost entirely free.