Welcome to the home of b-logging.com. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. I have ensured that this is the place where you can visit on a regular basis to access and read about the subjects that matter to you. Without further ado, let me tell you a little bit about myself and how the concept of b-logging.com came to life.

My Background

I suppose I should introduce myself first; I am Jonathan Charles, and I am the creator of the forward-thinking website www.b-logging.com. I am a born and bred LA guy who loves everything about this thriving and magnificent city, which I continue to make my home.

As a child, I had a burning ambition to become a journalist when I grew up. As far back as I possibly can remember I harbored dreams about writing as a career. The written word was my first love! I learned to read and write at a very young age, and both just seemed to come naturally to me throughout my school years. It was, therefore, a no-brainer for me to begin writing for a living.

However, back in my school days, it was all about newspapers and magazines – but these were physical items that you could purchase in a shop and read. Yet, as I worked through my final college years by then there had been an explosion of what is now referred to as blogs.

I knew that the digital age was the way forward and I began to reassess my opportunities. If I was to get my words out there, the place to be was online. This was how b-logging.com started life.

What b-logging.com Is All About

When I first began blogging, I was amazed at how many people were yet to discover a place where they could access a wide range of quality articles all in the one area. This got me thinking that my blog could offer readers so much more than the odd piece.

You see, by incorporating a blog into a website you can offer visitors a wider more varied ongoing selection of relevant content as well as recommendations, personal and professional services and the opportunity to advertise on the website itself. I also began to see how much you could help those who chose to access your blog if you published the right types of subjects and topics.

Therefore, I was adamant very early on during constructing b-logging.com that I was going to make this website as accessible as I possibly could to allow anybody to get involved and gain something from spending their time on this site.

I have always been the person who friends, family and colleagues have turned to for valid and realistic opinions. I believe that is why so many people continue to return to this website time and time again, for they know this is the one place they can access quality articles and relevant additional features through the b-logging.com site.

It is now my mission to ensure that the website reaches more and more people who I know would benefit from a fresh, vibrant and upbeat site such as this one.

The b-logging.com Journey Ahead

I would love you to join me here as I work on providing all visitors to this website with continually updated content, on the subjects that matter. I intend to, with your help, focus on producing fresh articles on issues that are trending and fascinating topics that are current. I aim to do this all in a style that people can personally relate to.

Whether we are discussing the use of blogging techniques, offering each other motivational quotes or even comparing new gadgets and electronics, I want to make you all feel right at home and encouraged to bookmark b-logging.com as one of your daily websites, which you will return to regularly during your working week.

Better still, I want to actively engage you with the site by offering your own words of wisdom in a guest blog post. If you enjoy reading through the vast selection of articles on this website, why not think about submitting your own. It is because of people like yourself that make b-logging.com the community to be seen at, and what better way to get further involved in!

The power of the written word can bring people together and get them working towards the same goal. I hope you find this a place where you too can indulge your love of the language and share it with the b-logging.com broader community.