5 key benefits of stand up paddle boarding

If you are looking for a new activity to take part in during the long summer days then paddle boarding could be the perfect new hobby to take up in 2021. 

Paddle boarding is a water sport in which participants propel themselves over the water on either a standard or stand up paddle board with their arms or a paddle. It is a popular sport and pastime for those looking for fun on the water. 

The summer of 2021 has seen a bumper year for paddle board sales so far, but why are so many people jumping on the SUP bandwagon? Here we explore 5 of the best benefits that stand up paddle boarding has to offer. 

Stand up paddle boards help you destress

Getting out in nature can give you a big mental boost and having a fun activity to do whilst outside can also increase the mental health benefits you enjoy. 

The calming effects of water on the mind has been well-researched, and paddle boarding provides you with the perfect opportunity to get out there and unwind. Many people participate in paddle board meditation which helps you destress and leave the anxieties of work and day to day life behind. 

Stand up paddle boarding is great low-impact exercise 

In addition to the mental health benefits that paddle boarding can provide, it is also fantastic low-impact exercise. This makes it perfect for those looking to improve their physical health whilst keeping the strain on joints to a minimum. The chances of muscular injury are low and it does not impact on your joints and tendons in the way that an intense run on concrete would. 

Stand up paddle boarding can improve vitamin D levels

Given the large percentage of the population in the UK at risk of vitamin D deficiency, paddle boarding could have some great macro-benefits by getting more people outside and as a result exposing more people to the sun. Vitamin D is very important for maintaining overall bodily health and functions and paddle boarding will certainly not hinder your absorption of it!

Invest in a good quality stand up paddle board

If you invest in a good quality paddle board you will increase the chances of you realising the benefits listed above. A paddle board made of strong materials will last you a lot longer than cheaper entry level models and provide you with plenty of enjoyment for years to come. If you buy a cheaper paddle board this can actually cost you more money in the long run if you keep having to buy replacement boards because they keep breaking.