4 Creative Ways to Reuse Canvas Bags

How much paper does the average person consume each day, mostly unawares? I am not sure, but I know a tonne of it has been chucked into my recycling bin lately. I want to start recycling a few things and starting using canvas bags seems like a great place to start. Instead of throwing the bag away, give it new life as a lunch sack or purse, or even paint it for yourself.

Here are just four creative ways to repurpose your canvas bags:

Tote it

Get an extra container and fill it up with all of the items you need to take on your next walk. Take the bag in the car and by the time you get home you will have already carried it for a few blocks.

Or even leave it in the car until you get home to keep from carrying heavy bags. You can get creative by folding any bag in half and opening it up so the bottom can be cut out. That is where you can put things you do not want to take a chance on getting dirty.


Just tie a strip of canvas over the straps of your purse. Keep a whole bag to reuse by tying a long strip of canvas on top of the straps. Once you want to get rid of the bag, just take off the top layer of canvas and you are good to go.

Also keep a second bag inside. Tie a knot to attach the two bags and then keep the top layer in the bag that is your purse. That way when you go to put things in your purse, you will know they are not going to fall out the top, and you can also have both bags ready for when you are going to do the grocery shopping.

Canvas Bag Jewellery Bag

Have a few clothes you want to recycle? This is another option. You can take your canvas bag from your walk and then start making something new with it. This is a great idea because you can reuse all of the fabric and only throw a bag away. If you have some leftover fabric you can sew on a few pieces of fabric and then attach to the bag in a way that it is secure, or you can use a metal button.

How about your purse? This would also be a great way to reuse a bag you might have broken or come out of your car. Tie your bag to the handle of your purse or dress bag and you are ready to go.

Kid Stuff Bag

These bags are a great way to keep your kids from losing their toys. Set up an area with toys and put all of the toys in a bag and keep it in the trunk or in the garage. Whenever you are ready to go, you can just get it out of the garage and you are good to go.