3 Steps to Help Avoid Unrealistic Tooth Whitening Expectations

You’d be surprised by the impact of whitening your teeth by only a few shades, but it’s still easy for people to get carried away and expect unrealistic results. This can turn even a successful whitening process into something of a disappointment – it can even lead to overbleaching in the quest for whiter and whiter teeth, which is very bad for your oral health.

In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has gained a lot of popularity. These days you could find a medical clinic that offers cosmetic dentistry in south gate or most other places for that matter. Everything from veneers to crowns, and even the topic we’re covering today, whitening, has become commonplace. But that doesn’t mean you can just take the decision willy-nilly and expect perfect results. So, to prevent those unrealistic expectations from ruining your appreciation of perfectly fine final results, make sure you follow these three tips.

  1. Talk Through Goals with Your Dentist

Before you have your teeth whitened, it’s a good idea to discuss the results with your dentist. They won’t be able to provide a 100% accurate picture of how your teeth will look, but they can perform an inspection and make a pretty good guess. They’ll also be able to gauge the current shade of your teeth and show you a realistic shade to work towards.

  1. Don’t Look to Other People’s Results

It’s easy to look at the smiles on Hollywood stars and assume your teeth will turn out just as white and perfect. Even friends and family can go through dramatic changes. However, those changes might not translate to your own experience. Everyone reacts to whitening differently. The results may also depend on the dental professional performing the whitening procedure. If you seek out the best dentist in lubbock, tx, or near you, for that matter, you may have better results. In any case, if you base your image of intended results on pictures you find online, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Keep in mind that many such images will have been digitally enhanced.

  1. Take Your Own Before and After Photos

While you should avoid fixating on other people’s before and after photos, it’s nice to take a few of your own. Most whitening treatments take a couple of weeks, and it’s hard to notice changes occurring over such a gradual time frame. Even if your teeth get significantly whiter, you might not notice the change as much as you would if it had occurred instantaneously. Before and after pictures provide an accurate impression of how much your smile has changed, which should help avoid disappointment.