3 Reasons to Buy a House in Albany

New York City may shine brightly in the eyes of anyone looking at the state, but Albany has so much to offer that it shouldn’t get overlooked.  If you want an incredible place to live, that’s cost effective and has fantastic things to do on the weekends and evenings, Albany has it.

Here are three reasons you should give in to your desires and buy a home in the 518.

1.) Money Matters

The cost of living in Albany is low nationally, but compared to the rest of New York, it’s a steal.  You can save big on homes, with the average Albany houses for sale costing only around $184,000. Other fantastic savings come in transportation, where cars are cheaper, and public transit is extraordinarily inexpensive.

You’ll even save money on property taxes, which at around 2.08 percent, is almost half of the national average.

New York is implementing a plan to raise the state’s minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour.  Even if you’re not working a minimum-wage job, this is still great news, since it raises the pay rate for the rest of the state with it. The average household income can be almost $60,000 a year, paired with the low cost of living. High savings can make Albany an extremely affordable place to live.

2.) Entertainment

Moving to any major city, you’re likely to run into some avid sports team fans, and Albany is no different. Hockey is the game of the town, with their team the Albany Devils, they promise to thrill and excite spectators at every game hosted at the Times Union Center.

If hockey isn’t your thing, Albany is also proud of its college football and basketball teams- with games being a massive event for the whole city. There’s nothing like a great sports game to make you connect with your new town, and it also means that families with kids will have an easier time finding a team for their children to sign up.

Although some may look down their nose at them, sports are a great way to build a sense of community and allow neighbors to come together and cheer, or cry, over successes and failures.

3.) Culture

It’s no secret that the state of New York played an essential part in the history of America.  Albany is no different, historically proving itself to be a hub for banking, commerce, and travel.  There’s no shortage of museums, art walks, and other fantastic community events to attend while you live there.

For families with kids, Albany has the opportunity to enable children to see how recent the birth of our country was. It’s more comfortable to get a child interested in history and to learn when you’re living in such a historic town.

Albany has a lot to offer, and it keeps growing and improving every year!  Look into the area, and you won’t be disappointed with what you find.