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Why Mulching is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Garden

If you have a garden, then you’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to mulch. Putting a protective layer around your plants protects them and provides other benefits as well. No matter what type of mulch you use, you’ll

4 Reasons to Choose a Straight Stairlift

If you’re looking into equipping your home with a stairlift, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go for a straight stairlift or a curved one. It might seem like an easy question to

Learning a New Language

There are so many advantages to embarking on the journey to learn a new language, one of which is not so obvious in that it helps develop your communication skills. Well of course your communication skills are markedly improved if

International Border Practices That Shouldn’t Offend You

It happens quite a lot in the case of us Americans, that being when you’re used to flying all over the country and then one day you fly internationally you realize just how differently things work. Some of the protocols

Digital Nomads – a Day in the Life

Digital Nomad has been the buzz phrase for quite some time now, frankly showing no signs of dying off any time in the near future, but I reckon that’s a good thing. Aspiring digital nomads have figured out the fact